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The Character in Business by Design: A Characterpreneur® Certification Program is a non-denominational, faith-based leadership and business development program.   

This program teaches founders, owners, and leaders exactly how to build influential, impactful and extremely valuable business cultures.

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The CHARACTERpreneur methodology for helping faith-based leaders build character-driven businesses was developed by TC Cooper, founder of the FaithFocusFlow® International and UpwardAction® Media.  TC is also a successful attorney, author and social marketing strategist. 

CHARACTERpreneur Certification teaches founders, owners, and leaders exactly how to develop a character-based business culture that is purposeful, productive and profitable for clients, customers, staff, leaders, and owners.  All modules are high-impact and are build on the foundation of TC's deep corporate and legal experience in her work as legal counsel and a business owner.  The result is an innovative, proprietary methodology that develops character-driven stewards of purposeful and productive businesses.

All training modules are taught by TC Cooper, founder of UpwardAction® Media and FaithFocusFlow® International movement.  Each training module is accompanied by at least one in-depth interview with a leading expert who is doing business in his or her local community in a way that has a positive impact on the world.   

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The Significance of CHARACTERpreneur® Principles 

This “Building A Character-Driven Business” training program teaches 12 principles that are non-negotiable for building a character-driven business culture.  We call these “CHARACTERpreneur® Principles.” 

CHARACTERpreneur™ Principles are best practices proven to help integrate the CHARACTER core concepts into the DNA of your organization’s decision-making process, actions, and interactions in every circumstance and every situation.

They incorporate an effective methodology for integrating Courage, Honor, Accountability, Resourcefulness, Attentiveness, Currency-Wise, Timeliness, Excellence and Reverence into business processes, procedures, and systems.   

To be a CHARACTERpreneur is not a distinction to be displayed on a shelf for observation and bragging rights.  CHARACTERpreneurship is a way of life.

Build a Character-Driven Business training teaches founders, owners, and leaders in business how to become CHARACTERpreneurs by making decisions in business that are:

1 COURAGEOUS when faced with challenges to integrity versus succumbing to the negative pressures of the marketplace;

2 HONORABLE when interacting with clients, customers, co-workers & colleagues, and even competitors;

3 ACCOUNTABLE to their internal moral code of conduct, external corporate code of ethical conduct, as well as international standards of civility;

4 RESOURCEFUL and able to create an evaluate new ways of generating revenue that build wealth and have a positive impact on their communities and industry;

5 AUTHENTIC to the personal integrity, moral compass, professional responsibility and internal generosity of the leader;

6 CURRENCY-WISE to help maintain the financial sustainability and health of the organization;

7 TIMELY in response to marketing conditions and stakeholder needs in order to maximize all opportunities while attracting new business;

8 EXCELLENT in leveraging the talents and gifts team members, community partners and other stakeholders; and

9 REVERENT in considering the impact and legacy that actions creating for today and generations to come.

Three Levels of CHARACTERpreneur® Certification:

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CHARACTERpreneur® Professional: Level 1

CHARACTERpreneur® Mentor: Level 2

CHARACTERpreneur® Facilitator: Level 3


Is this training and certification program right for your small business, corporate team or non-profit leaders?  

The Build a Character-Driven Business certification program is not for everyone.  Not every leader is ready to become a CHARACTERpreneur.  

This program is right for you, if you can answer yes to the following five (5) statements. 

1 I am a founder, owner, or leader who wants my Work to have a lasting impact and build a wealthy legacy for future generations.

2 I believe in a higher power that is greater than me.

3 I believe that I have been created to do good works while here on the earth. 

4 I do my best to live by a moral code of ethics.

5 I am a person of action.  Once I know what to do about a particular situation, I do it.   

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Enjoy golden nuggets of wisdom from interviews with featured leaders.

It is important to drive the narrative.  – Dr. Clyde Rivers

To be productive, you've got to focus on simplicity over complexity in developing systems.   – Dr. Vernet Joseph

Strong brands focus on quality control across the board.  It's important to success.  – Marcel Benson 

Know your values and their order of importance.  The order drives your actions – Brian Wright

Innovation and invention are the leading drivers of growing economies.  – Carmen West  

Thank you in business goes a long way.  – Doward Harvin

There is more to learn. Keep listening!


Enjoy more actionable insight from business leaders interviewed for this business-building program, the only in the world, that certifies CHARACTERpreneurs.  These interview videos are required for all leaders enrolled our certification program.   Each interview is outstanding and packed with information that is ready for implementation. 

Give credit where credit is due to open doors in business and keep them open.  – TC Cooper 

Do what you say and do it quickly.  – Heshie Segal 

Every single decision you make is a seed.  Are you growing fruit or weeds?  –  Dr. Richmond Annan 

When you are looking for a partner in business, focus on connecting with someone who brings something to the table that you do not have.  This could be relationships, experience, cash, or anything you need and do not have access.  – Carmen West

To be successful, you've got to be building a product, a brand or a category.  – Renan Gonzalez 



CHARACTERpreneur® Certification Modules!

Build Wealth and Increase Profitability Through Purpose. 

 Become a CHARACTERpreneur®.


Characterpreneur courageously establishes a personal vision, mission,  and goals based on profit and purpose; then, inspires those in their circle of influence to do this same, leading to a culture of character and integrity.  This module teaches leaders strategies for aligning personal vision, mission, vision, and goals with the vision, mission, and goals of character-based companies and organizations.   These strategies are important, necessary, and practical for all professionals and business owners.


Characterpreneur is skilled in communicating an organization's core values and defining guiding principles in a way that makes it clear how both leaders and are expected to work with each other and all stakeholders (e.g., clients, customers, competitors, governmental officials, community members, and others)Leaders who complete this module will learn strategies for integrating grace, excellence, and discipline into organizations, starting with the process for making decisions.

3.  Module 3: 5 YEAR PLAN & S.M.A.R.T. GOALS

Characterpreneur is knowledgable about what it takes to develop long-term goals and make them a reality.  This type of leader is also trained to help others develop actionable long-term goals through thoughtful leadership, strategic consulting, and inspiring coaching tactics. The module teaches leaders the CHARACTERpreneur® strategic formula for developing and achieving long-term goals in manageable and inspiring segments.  Leaders who complete this module will know how to build purposeful lives and productive business cultures.


Characterpreneur understands the impact of every spoken and unspoken promise on an organization's reputation and an individual's legacy.  This type of leader is skilled in delivering and managing authentic, truthful and corporate responsible messaging. The module teaches a strategic formula for developing values-based,  advertising campaigns, and marketing program with integrity.   Leaders who complete this module will learn strategies to maximize social media and digital technology.


Characterpreneur is committed to building, developing and implementing core systems, processes and procedures to ensure that excellence is experienced in every action and interaction.  This module will focus on effective strategies and tactics for interacting “character” into every aspect of your organization.  Leaders who complete this module will learn practical formulas to sure the high-value output of systems, processes, and procedures that impact stakeholder results and experiences.


Characterpreneur embraces the importance of managing all aspects of an organization's financial health with excellence including  – increasing revenue, reducing expenses, prompt payment of expenses, and integrity in collections.  This module teaches a character-based approach to revenue generation.   Leaders who complete this module will learn practical and effective strategies build business initiatives centered around integrity, impact, influence, and purpose. 


A Characterpreneur is aware of the challenges that leadership can add to their personal and spiritual growth. When self-care is compromised, a leader’s judgment is weakened, and the leader can be vulnerable to negative influences. Leaders who complete this module will learn the connection between the core value of self-care and ethical decision-making. They will also develop a practical strategy to care for their spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being.


Characterpreneur is attentive and responsible in the accurate and timely compliance with local laws and regulatory requirements necessary to do business decently and in order.  The module teaches a strategy for staying in compliance with laws, regulations, and protocols that are required to do business in a way that is decent, orderly, and effective.  Leaders who complete this module will also learn a character-based, civil approach to working with governmental authority. 


Characterpreneur is a leader who is internally driven and guided by integrity-based leadership and values-based business.  Leaders who complete all 7 modules will be awarded the CHARACTERpreneur® Certificate and Designation.   The designation gives the CHARACTERpreneur® access to all of the benefits of this highly regarded and internationally-based leadership and business development program.

CHARACTERpreneur® modules are taught by TC Cooper, founder of UpwardAction®, FaithFocusFlow®, and CHARACTERpreneur®. Each module training is accompanied by in-depth interviews with leaders who are doing business in their local communities and around the world. Listen in to golden nuggets of wisdom from our Featured CHARACTERpreneur® Business Leaders.

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Who benefits the most from CHARACTERpreneur Training? 

Leadership Academies 

CHARACTERpreneur® Certification is often the perfect supplemental training for existing leadership academies or programs that need proven and actionable content to help good leaders become great.   

Corporations and Small Businesses 

CHARACTERpreneur® Certification is the perfect complement to your organization's on-boarding programs for new leaders or periodic training for emerging and experienced leaders.

Nonprofit Program Objectives  

CHARACTERpreneur® Certification is a great complement to programs designed to help leaders strengthen their core values and guiding principles, while working within various organizational structures.

 CHARACTERpreneur® Certification is sponsored by FaithFocusFlow® International and it founder, TC Cooper, along with leaders from around the world.  Click here to learn about our world-class leaders and trainers.  

About FaithFocusFlow® International

FaithFocusFlow® International is the non-denominational leadership training division of Upward Action LLC.   This powerful education and training division provides character-based education, business development, and leadership training virtual programming; and also books, productivity planners, bible studies, and bible reading plans for founders, leaders, and creators in business.  All of our programs are Christ-centered (for individuals and private organizations) or Character-based (for corporations, associations, and state government programs).

About TC Cooper 

TC is the founder of the FaithFocusFlow® Institute of Character and Leadership and visionary of the CHARACTERpreneur® program and movement. She is also a corporate attorney, Amazon best-selling author, founder the UpwardAction® Social Media Marketing Certification Academy, and leader of the Christian apparel line – FaithFocusFlow® Threads.

TC Cooper is the founder of the CHARACTERpreneur® Certification Program. 


Develop the skills that you need to build a character-driven business or team at Work.  Get CHARACTERpreneur® Certified.